Make him worship you

How to Make Him Worship You?

Men are often stereotyped as being difficult to understand, but this isn’t always the case. Men have a language all their own, and it’s one that can be learned by anyone who wants to get closer to him. If you want to know what your guy is thinking and feeling, look no further than his body language. Here are some of the ways that men express themselves without having to say a word:

How to know for sure that he wants to begin a sexual encounter.

The first step in making him want to make love to you is knowing for sure that he wants to begin a sexual encounter. The following are signs that he is interested in starting something intimate:

  • He touches you. If your guy is constantly touching you, it could mean he’s trying to get into your pants!
  • He gets close and personal when talking with you as if he was thinking about kissing and/or sex at any moment during the conversation.
  • He compliments on how beautiful or sexy you look (this works).

Read his mind through his actions.

The first and most important thing to remember is that men are not always as good at hiding their feelings as they think they are. Their actions often reveal what’s on their minds, so you can use them to see if he likes you or not.

If a man touches your face when you talk, it means that he’s interested in getting closer to you. If he looks away from your eyes when talking about something personal, it could mean that he isn’t ready for a serious relationship yet but still wants to get closer to you (or does not want other people around).

Some of the best ways for women trying to attract men are by using body language effectively and reading their minds through their actions

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How the way he squeezes your upper arms can tell you what he thinks about your relationship.

You should also know that there are a few nonverbal cues that let you know how he feels about the relationship. For example, if he squeezes your upper arms, he’s thinking about how you make him feel secure, loved and safe. It could be a sign that he’s feeling comfortable with you or perhaps like he needs some reassurance from you.

If this is the case, then it would be a good idea to give him a hug just as soon as possible so that way he knows that everything is okay between the two of you. Let him know in no uncertain terms how much love and care for him by holding his hand or giving him another kiss on the cheek – whatever makes sense given the circumstances (but don’t overdo it).

What it means if he strokes your nose and cheeks.

If he strokes your nose and cheeks, he’s thinking about kissing you. He might be imagining you on the mouth, neck or ears. Or even the forehead!

These are all good signs that he is attracted to you and likes what he sees.

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If this hasn’t happened yet, it could be because he doesn’t know how to approach a woman who intimidates him or he is just shy around people in general. But if it has happened once before (and was reciprocated) then it’s likely that there will be more stroking of noses/cheeks/etc coming soon!

What it means when he’s rubbing your back while he’s driving.

You’re driving him to work, he’s rubbing your back. The moment couldn’t be more intimate. You share a smile, and that’s when it happens—he has to take his hand off of you. But why? You can only think of one reason: because he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable by his touch in front of people. He knows how important it is for him to show his affection and appreciation for you in public places, so he keeps his hands off while they’re out on the town together (even though he misses your soft skin).

This gesture shows that he cares about making sure others see that what he has with you is special, but also that there are parts of his life where he wants them to know too. It doesn’t matter whether or not other people think it makes sense for someone as good-looking as him to date someone like yourself—what matters is that these two lovebirds are happy together!

If he’s touching your thighs, he’s thinking about this…

  • Try this: He loves to touch your thighs, so take a peek under his shirt and give him a gentle tug. Once he’s looking away, pull the front of his shirt down just enough that you can see his nipples and they’re exposed.
  • Why it works: Men love the idea of being naked in front of you, even if they aren’t actually naked. And any time there are erections involved in a scenario with them standing up straight and proud, we’re all for it!

What it means when you’re cuddling up together and he touches the inside of your elbows.

When a guy is cuddling with you, and he touches the inside of your elbows, he’s thinking about how lucky he is to have you. He’s thinking about how much he loves you and wants to be with you. He’s also thinking about how much he wants to cuddle with you!

Why having his hands on your forehead is different than having them on other parts of your face.

Why having his hands on your forehead is different than having them on other parts of your face.

The power of the forehead lies in its importance to the male-female dynamic. When a man places his hands against your forehead, it’s meant as an act of submission. That is an acknowledgment that you are more powerful than he is and that he’ll do whatever you say. If he touches you anywhere else on the face (the cheeks, nose, chin), then it’s usually not intended as submission but rather as an acknowledgement that you are both equals.

Learn how to read the body language of men to figure out what they are really thinking!

Men are different than women. They have a different way of communicating, seeing other people and expressing themselves. This is because men’s bodies are more developed than women’s bodies – physically, mentally and emotionally.

It’s important to understand the differences in male and female communication styles so that you can get the best out of your relationship with your man! So let’s look at some ways how how you can read his body language so that he will worship you like never before…

So there you have it. The most important things that men do when they want to get in your pants! These signs are easy to spot and can give you a good idea of what’s going on in their head. When he says something and you’re not sure if he means it or not then this is a good place to start. But when relationship is taking south, our Save your Marriage and Relationship Guide will be able to greatly help you!

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